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General Information

Q: Where exactly are you located?

A: We are located at 640-B Crespi Drive in beautiful Pacifica, California, one block away from Linda Mar Beach. If you’re taking Highway 1 North from Half Moon Bay, turn right at Crespi Drive, the second light after you come into Pacifica. Go straight at the first stop, and you will approach Cabrillo School on your left. PAC will be on your right in the shopping center, in between Babyface Boxing and Kenny’s Chinese Food Restaurant.

Q: Are you under new management?

A: Yes. Lisa Lehr is our new owner and manager. You can find her at the gym 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Q: What exactly has changed about the gym since you’ve been under new ownership?

A: Just about everything. We have tons of new and upgraded equipment, the gym is freshly painted, we added several new flat-screen TVs, construction on the bathrooms has been completed, and our aerobics room has been remodeled. We also added a mixed martial arts studio called “Kenya Academy.” Please refer to the Kenya Academy tab for more information.

Q: Do you have personal trainers at your gym?

A: Yes. While we do not have any trainers on staff, certified personal trainers Dennis Otero, Ryan Sport, Jonathon Valencia, and Mehrdad Hassani train clients at our facility. Their business cards are available at the front desk, and they have their own rates for training, separate from our membership rates.

Q: Do you sell drinks, protein bars, etc.?

A: Yes. We have a wide variety of energy drinks, protein shakes, and health bars available at the front desk.

Q: Do you have a pool?

A: No, we do not. However, our gym is only a block away from Linda Mar Beach.

Q: Do you have saunas or steam rooms?

A: While we do not have saunas or steam rooms as of right now, we hope to look into it in the near future. Construction on our bathrooms was recently completed, and there are now showers in both.

Q: Are there any additional fees for signing up?

A: No way. Unlike most other gyms, we do not charge for initiation or processing of contracts. The price you see is the price we charge. New scanner cards are complimentary.

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